We have up to 3 webcams broadcasting live video images from our shops and as far as I know, these are still the only webcams broadcasting from Koh Chang. Cameras 1 and 3 are on the beach at Chai Chet. What you see through those is what you see when surfing the web from our shop on the beach. Weather, and technical issues depending, these 2 cameras are usually turned on first thing in the morning when we open the shop, and turned off when we close at around 10pm in the evening. In the low season (June to September), these camears are rarely active. Camera 1 usually points in a South Easterly direction towards the Koh Chang Paradise Resort on Klong Prao beach. Camera 3 is usually pointing in a South Westerly direction towards the pier at Laem Chai Chet, and the small islands of Koh Suwan and Koh Yuak can be seen in the distance (a good destination for a half-day snorkelling trip). Camera 2 is broadcasting from the roof room of our shop house on the road next door to the V Mart Supermarket, at Chai Chet. It points in a south-westerly direction over the Coconut Beach resort, and the Kai Bae area is visible at the base of the mountains in the distance.

Camera 2 will usually ask you for a username and password. You can use "a" as the username. No password is needed.

Update 14th August 2009: Camera 1 on the beach is now on again, in the daylight hours, weather permitting. Camera 2 is still broadcasting from our shop on the road at Chai Chet.

If the cameras are broadcasting, then the still images you see below are real-time. Each time you refresh the page (hit the F5 key), the images should be reloaded. Click on an image or the link for the live video.

Sorry! Camera 1 is offline, or responding slowly, at this time
Sorry! Camera 3 is offline, or responding slowly, at this time
Koh Chang Webcam 2 is now online Koh Chang Webcam 1 is offline at this time Koh Chang Webcam 3 is offline at this time

The Java runtime environment is needed to view the live videos from cameras 1 and 3. You can get this here. An Active-X component is needed to view camera 2, and this will be safely and automatically installed from the d-link site when you view this camera.

Archive of still images is here.

See Weather Underground's time-lapse videos from Camera 1 and Camera 2.

For the technical folks out there, some details of the cameras:

Camera 1 is a Genius Secure 300W Wireless IP Camera. Bought in Hong Kong, I think they're marketed under the Trendnet logo elsewhere.
Camera 2 is currently attached to a D-Link DSA-5220 Wireless IP Camera.
Camera 3 is usually a Philips Toucam USB webcam attached to a Windows PC running an application called Active Webcam.

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