Buying from us, and payment - how it works.

Most of our sales are generated at our shop. Indeed we suggest that you do not buy any tours online, because you will only know exactly what you want to do here after you have arrived and have had a good look around. In any case, when you are here, do come and talk to us!

For most of our private transfers and for some other tours, we are happy to collect your payment after you have arrived on Koh Chang. Where 3rd parties are involved and for accommodation and packages we need to collect payment from you prior to your arrival. Credit card, Thailand domestic bank transfer and Wise (TransferWise) can be used, and on confirmation of your booking we will send you an email requesting payment by one of these methods.

If you want to make a SWIFT fund transfer using your preferred broker or bank: Please note that on receipt of your payment, we will credit your account with the amount of Thai Baht that we actually receive after foreign exchange fees have been taken by the banks. To avoid creating a balance that we have to collect from you, please specify that you are paying all fees, and that you are sending the full amount in Thai Baht, rather than an equivalent amount in your local currency. Please note that forex fees are sometimes in the region of 30USD or 25GBP or 30EURO and transfer times are usually 3 to 4 days.

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